Virtual Reality (High Dynamic Range – 360 Panoramic showcase)

Virtual Reality (High Dynamic Range – 360 Panoramic showcase)


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We are Proud?to be the First in Asia?to create a full 3D realistic graphics Virtual Reality Gallery Online Tour
for SLA Virtual Gallery?and 50+ Expo Apartments for Elderly.

Since then, we are the?FIRST to create a Series 360 Virtual Reality?Exhibitions Online?in HDR?for
many High Profile Exhibitions?with?National Heritage Board like BIENNALE, CONGO RIVER, TERRACOTTA,

Imagine having your Museums, Exhibition, Gallery, Property, Hotels, Virtual
Gallery created in a 360 Full Immersive Virtual Reality experience.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Virtual Reality production is?current addition to our?works.
We can create scenes in 3D Graphics or Photography in 360 Panoramic Images in High Dynamic Range
(For low lighting condition or extreme exposure difference to?create High quality images).
From these scenes, we stitched up the images to form a seamless Virtual Environment and
put in?online or offline?for an immersive experience.
From there, we can also create 3D fly through Video for youtube or DVD productions.

Products : Panoramic Photographic (HDR), 3D graphics for environment, 360
Virtual Reality Tour online in High Dynamic Range