We are always Pro-Creating


Pro-Creating is about Pro Active Understanding of Business, Creative Ideation and Collaboration.

We are Certified Creative Business Consultant to empower enterprise
We are Pro Creators for Video Campaigns, Intergrated Marketing, Investment Marketing and more
We are Creative Tech professionals, Leading in 360 VR creative solution

We Believe what We Do.
We are always ahead on Trends, Seeking new Challenges & Exploring Collaborations.
Innovating is not just about Creative, but delivering Real Value for our Clients.
Empowering enterprises with our in-depth understanding of business, marketing and messaging.

We have presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, China and many more.

You name it, we have been there and done that.

Do not hesistate to make the first contact.


Our Social Credentials & Vision

Anonymous Production is also an active advocate of social and charity awareness. Our vision is to be sustainable and produced?many more social awareness projects & charity films. To any corporations doing charity and CSR work, we are willing to sponsor?at least 50% of the video production cost if aligned.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our Vision & Social effort, Anonymous Production is also proud to be the MAIN MEDIA Partner and Sponsor for?Global Dignity Cambodia. Thank you for all those supported the?Pre Launched Mid 2014 in Conjunction with Royal Norwegian Embassy. Thanks to the Chair for GDC, Young Global Leader Yap Kwong Weng, Andrew Chai from Sass Atlantic, and all those who made it possible.

This year, we will embarked on Another CSR effort locally.

Previously, since we started, we have supported

WORLD VISION Singapore?? One Life Fund promotional video?(For island-wide fundraising and scholarships benefiting children and families with AIDS)

LEARNATHON, Philipine Relief –– A group of like-minded entrepreneurs and speakers, raising fund for the relief through a 1 day workshop. All proceed to relief. We supported the event coverage and media recording.

DR. WILLIAM TAN?? An inspirational video of Dr. William Tan?s spirit and? contribution.?We also co-sponsored the Cycle for Charity marathon event for the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund by Dr. William Tan.

PADLOCK?? A short narrative film on Child Prostitution?(Featured in Channel News Asia and?International Women?s Day – Co-Supported by Pete’s Creation)

Model United Nation Singapore?- Sharing stories and CSR concept to a group of future young leaders on what we have contributed and what is the mentality behind.

Capitaland Earth Hour 2010 – 2011?— Supported Project

Active Ages Award 2009?- Council for Third Aged – An inspiring Award video to celebrate the Active Ages Award winner. We have all much to learn from these winners with their amazing personality and attitude to life.