Corporate Video Production Indonesia

Anonymous Production collaborated with CNBC to produced two series of 60-sec vignettes that captured the attention and interest of the CNBC audience through a unique point-of-view shots aligned with Indonesia Tourism’s key themes (Business and Love).

This is the FIRST On Air TVC broadcast push to Online 360 VR Video Campaign push for Tourism in the country.

Each vignette serves as a teaser with a call to action that encourages the viewers to log in to Tourism Indonesia YouTube channel to experience/explore further themselves the unique 360 degree panoramic splendour of Jakarta (Business) and Bali (Love). It aims to showcase an immersive experience of exploring focuses on a new experience in the capital city of Indonesia as well as one of the most popular holiday destination.

Vignette Series : Bali (Love)

Point of view treatment – romantic, aspirational, scenic

Experiencing Love in this Wonderful Island of Bali with explore further call to action.

bali wonderful indonesia

360 VR Experience : Bali (Love)

Known for its beaches and upscale resorts, Bali is a popular holiday destination for couples.

YouTube Link to view the 360 VR video:

propinsi bali

Vignette Series : Jakarta (Business)

Point of view treatment, a day-in-the-life

Full of purpose and aspiration in this Wonderful City of Jakarta with explore further call to action.

jakarta jawa barat

360 VR Experience : Jakarta (Business)

Bustling with business, Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital and business hub.

YouTube Link to view the 360 VR video:

video kota jakarta